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Part One: Painting the Sky


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Welcome to painting landscapes video tutorials. Sponsored by google adsense advertisers they are embedded YouTube videos. This series of seven video tutorials are all from the creation of one New Zealand Landscape oil painting.

Click on the video arrow to start it running. You can make the video full screen by clicking the square button, bottom right, as the video is playing and press the escape key to return to normal. NOTE. The videos may be a little stilted at first but will settle as the buffer builds up. Broadband Internet is required to view them.

Enjoy the video tutorials and tell your facebook friends and your painting companions about my tutorials, paintings and tours.
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Video index

Part One

Painting the Sky

Part Two

Painting the Clouds

Part Three

Painting the background base tones

Part Four

Painting the reflections in the water

Part Five

Painting the midground detail

Part Six

Painting the foreground detail

Part Seven

Finishing touches to the painting


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