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Hello, thanks for visiting and congratulations on your engagement. After successfully photographing hundreds of weddings for 10 years and winning many awards for my work I have decided to align my photography skills with videography in the Taupo and central North Island of New Zealand. I have a passion for documentary film making and will capture your special day creating wonderful moving memories for you and your family. I have also adapted to a method of extracting photo files from 4K video. See below to find out more.

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That was then and the future is NOW...

Traditionally a photographer would direct the wedding photoshoot to capture still photos and a videographer would report the day in a video story. This is still very common practice and all works well but there is another choice. Technology has evolved so that image files can be extracted from Ultra High Resolution video. I call this Frame Freeze Wedding coverage.

Samples of my work...

You can view samples of my wedding photography online.

About me
(Putting it out there)...

If you are still reading this page then you must be interested, probably getting married soon or know someone who is. I have been married to Cathy for many years and together we photographed weddings for 10 years in New Zealand. In 2014 we went to the UK for a two year OE. I live in the beautiful lakeside town of Taupo where I am the president and treasurer of the Taupo Camera Club and I enjoy painting too. My other videography brands include Your Story and Vids4biz.

Your investment...

I offer a 100% money back guarantee because I want my customers to be satisfied with a lasting memory to be enjoyed. All prices are in New Zealand Dollars and include GST. Travel cost outside of Taupo will apply.

VIDEO ONLY package... Reportage style. Wedding day and reception separated into two 10-15 minute videos, one for the ceremony and bridal party and another for the reception and speeches. Presented in HD on USB and also shared on the online platform called Vimeo.
Choose this package if you value video and you are going to hire a traditional photographer as well to cover your wedding and direct the photoshoot.
$1,695 plus travel.

FRAME FREEZE Wedding Coverage... Wedding day and reception separated into two 10-15 minute videos, one for the ceremony and bridal party and another for the reception and speeches. Presented in 1080 HD on USB and shared on Vimeo. The addition of 50 jpeg photo files extracted from 4K footage of the family groups and the bridal party formal shoot. Direction is required by the videographer for both of these important sequences in the absence of a traditional photographer. Many of these images are freeze framed into the video story.
Choose this package if you mostly value video but want some experienced photography direction and images if you choose NOT to hire a separate photographer.
$2,195 plus travel.


Why present HD videos when you are shooting 4K? Presently the huge file size of long 4K video makes them demanding to work and view online. Because of this the ceremony and speeches are shot in 1080 HD. Only the family photos and the bridal party formals are shot in 4K because this is where you need the high resolution photos extracted.

Music Policy...

What about music in videos? Most current pop songs are copyright and we can't legally use and share them in wedding videos. Not to worry because I use the Song Freedom music library which has lots of great wedding songs and the cost of the music is included in your wedding package. Browse the titles if you wish and let me know if you have any requests. You can choose one feature song and other generic music is also added. If you have any questions then please ask me.

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Phone Andrew Whyte on 022 09700 65 if you want to chat about your wedding or email below, also please text in case the email gets filtered. Thank you.

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