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Hello, thanks for visiting and congratulations on your engagement. After successfully photographing hundreds of weddings for 10 years and winning many awards for my work I have decided to provide wedding videography and photography in Taupo, Rotorua and the Waikato region. I have developed a passion for filming and editing and want to capture your special day creating wonderful moving memories for you and your family. For more information please scroll below this example of my photography work.

wedding videographer in taupo, rotorua and waikato

My style is affordable reportage videography and directed photography, which means, I only direct or pose when it is necessary. In video I capture the moments from different angles and edit them into on-line private presentations. If you choose the optional photography package then I place some of them into the videos. This is called a fusion presentation and I absolutely love this method of presenting creative art. So will you.

I can capture photography along with video but the emphasis is on moving pictures, meaning, you will not get a massive blanket coverage of still photos from me but you will get lots of nice photos where they really count. WHY did I change? Because there are so many people snapping away at weddings with photos posted almost immediately on social media, especially during ceremonies. There are times when good directed photography is a must, such as family photos and bridal party formals (this is when my 10 years of experience is valuable). There are times when video and sound is more valuable such as the ceremony, speeches and the party times. I think it is fantastic I can present the whole package but I also enjoy working with dedicated photographers on the day.

2016-17 is my first season with wedding video and I am offering 10% off the marked prices below. A 100% money back guarantee, because, I want my customers to be satisfied with a lasting memory to be enjoyed. My packages can be broken down to suit your priorities and if you prefer to engage another separate photographer. All prices are in New Zealand Dollars and include GST.

  1. WEDDING DAY VIDEO: 5-10 minute wedding day video from your brides house, ceremony and formal bridal party photo shoot. $895
  2. RECEPTION VIDEO: 10-20 minute video from your reception capturing wedding speeches and party scenes. $895
  3. FULL WEDDING VIDEO: with wedding day and reception. $1,695

  4. WEDDING DAY VIDEO AND PHOTOGRAPHY: 7-15 minute fusion presentation from your brides house, ceremony and formal photo shoot. $1,695
  5. FULL WEDDING VIDEO AND PHOTOGRAPHY: Fusion videos x 2, one from the wedding, 10-20 minutes and one from the party, 15-30 minutes. $2,595

  • Additions...
  • Travel to Rotorua, Waikato and Ruapehu add $75 for mileage. For Tauranga (only for package number 3 or 5) add $150.
  • Music License fee added to all weddings $100. See details below

A 20% deposit on booking with the balance on or before your wedding day. Non-refundable after two months prior to your wedding. I do not supply DVD's as I feel these are fading into oblivion and in a few years no one will have a way of playing them. Video and photo files can be downloaded using an online transfer service or put on a USB stick if connections are too slow. I also present the videos online with a private link for easy viewing for you, your friends and family. I do not have a fusion video sample yet to show you as this is the first season I am offering this type of package. You can view samples of my photography here.

About me (Putting it out there)...

If you are still reading this page then you must be interested, probably getting married soon. Yay to you. I have been married to Cathy for many years and together we photographed weddings for 10 years. In 2014 we went to the UK for a two year OE. Having just recently returned we have decided to base ourselves in the beautiful lakeside town of Taupo, just so we can make our English friends extremely jealous. I am a fit 47.. OK 48 year old, who gives everything a 100%. I love being self-employed and the flexibility it gives me. I do have a Waikato BMS degree I only really use to understand the business news and to do our accounts. I absolutely hate letting people down and never intensionally would, rather employ all my talents to make sure that it never happens.

Technical bits...

I use a professional video camera on a fluid head tripod and off camera microphones where necessary. I use a smaller camcorder to capture different angles and it does not scare the guests at reception parties . A Nikon DSLR camera for still photography and sometimes video. I don't shoot the trendy 4k video as it creates huge files that are hard to transfer. HD 1080p video is fine for events. I use an iMac and Adobe Premier Pro for video editing.

Important information about music in my videos. I use paid music that is licensed to be shared online and I like to fit the music to your music tastes and the mood of the video. It is nice to have a feature song playing throughout your video. Often you would have never heard this music before, which is great, because your future recollections of the music will remind you of your wedding and not other times in your life. There are some great choices which may or may not be familiar to you. I buy music licenses from the Song Freedom library and you are welcome to preview these tracks and express your ideas. Click on FILTER then set the USAGE to weddings on that website. Maybe google the lyrics to see if a song fits. Other generic instrumental music is taken from my other paid subscriptions.

If we don't use paid music then we run the real risk of your video being removed from the internet and I would face a huge law suit. So before you say you would love your first dance song or your favourite Tay Tay track on your wedding video consider that a license to use this music might cost thousands unless the producers have made the music legally available for our purposes within our low budget. Any videographer who offers you free popular music is putting everybody at risk. If during the reception we use very short cuts of music played by your band or DJ, then this is fine, as it falls under the fair use policy. If your band has original music written by a band member then you may ask for their permission to use the music in your video with a credit to them. Let me know who they are and I will obtain permissions from them. I just like to keep everything above board for obvious reasons.

Please view samples of my wedding photography and other disciplines here and contact me if you wish to make a booking. Phone 022 09700 65 if you want to chat about your wedding. Thank you for visiting and hopefully see you soon, if not, have a wonderful wedding day and be kind to each other always.

Andrew Whyte

All images Copyright Andrew Whyte 2016