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You have spent thousands of people hours organising your event or team participation in Taupo and the Central North Island, hundreds are participating and attending. How are you going to showcase and remember it? The best way is video coverage and we have the solution that will meet the needs of the your participants, sponsor, media and your organisation.

We can video your event creating rights managed footage available to the media and we can make Your Story short films that will inspire future participation and create a lasting memory. Ask for our rate card by contacting us if you are wanting to buy footage or organise coverage. We can add the social icing on the cake for your major sponsors at affordable rates. We support the Taupo Rescue Helicopter this year.

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YES you can buy the rights to use our footage AND for personal use we can provide USB sticks and DVDs. Ask for a rate card today.

If you are wanting to purchase event footage for personal or sponsor use then please preview the applicable video and use the form above. So we can identify the clip please note the time elapsed of the Vimeo or YouTube video. Also give us a description of the footage, bib number etc. Tell us what the intended use is. Commercial use requires model releases so you would need to be a sponsor who knows the persons involved.
We try to capture as many participants doing activities that make good video content, however it is not humanly possible to guarantee capture of certain individuals at events unless we are specifically requested to do so on the day. SO put in a request and ask us to make something special for you. Ask for our Rate Card using the form above..

Greenlea Rescue Helicopter family open day at Taupo airport. Event coverage with a short form film. Pilot Nat Every is interviewed by Andrew Whyte of Central North Island Video Services.
DVD's are available for this film.


Regan Phibbs Story. An example of what we can do from events coverage. Feel free to share to others involved and thanks Regan!



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